*Monograms are available for an extra cost.

The Super numbers refer to the fineness of the yarn used in the wool fabric. Quality modern suiting typically starts at Super 100s. The higher the number, the finer the yarn. The higher yarn count, the softer the fabric, which will feel nicer and drape a little better on the body. But is this always better? It depends on what you’re going for. A suit’s Super number is only one variable determining a fabric’s overall quality. While a higher Super number may feel more delicate and finer to the touch, there will be some setbacks in everyday performance. A suit with a higher Super numbers tends to wrinkle more easily and may be less durable over time. Such suits may also be more prone to ‘snags’ and be much harder to re-weave and fix.

**Our Elementary fabric line consists of Super 100's, whereas our upgraded high end designer fabric starts at 120.

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