Overcoat Instructions

Keep in mind that when you rent a tuxedo/suit, it is a standard size made for "everyone" not you. If all size 8's had the same curves and bust size, made to measure would not play such an important role in fashion and we'd be out of business! It makes sense to own, but before you walk in to buy a tuxedo, it's important to know what it entails. Our system is designed to streamline this process...

  • Type of lining (deals with the comfort of suit)
  • What style of lapel you want (the lapel is the collar of the overcoat)
  • Lapel size inch (width of collar on overcoat)
  • Lapel button hole - number of button holes on collar (see images for desired selection)
  • Lapel button hole color (selection of stitching color)
  • Overcoat jacket style (single breasted or double breasted along with number of buttons desired. All options have a visual representation on site)
  • Welt pocket (choose to have a set in pocket or not. see images for reference)
  • Lower pocket style (style of front pocket located on overcoat)
  • Back vent (side, center or none)
  • Belt (the appearance of a back belt or not)
  • Sleeve buttonhole (real vs fake button holes)
  • Number of sleeve buttons (1-5)
  • Sleeve buttons (flat vs kissing "3D")
  • Overcoat buttons (color of button)

Buying the perfect tuxedo/suit can be overwhelming, as mentioned before in an effort to make this as simple a process as possible we've built a system allowing our customers to personally design their suit by choosing from all options available prior to making a selection. After designing your suit online, it's time to make your appointment to be fitted and have the opportunity to physically see and feel your fabric selection! Our one of a kind online process eliminates the need for a very lengthy consultation in person.

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