About Us

City Hall proudly presents a more expanded virtual shopping experience combined with our already superb customer service.

We invite you to browse our Virtual Showroom. Ultimately the end result will be the custom individually tailored suit that you desire. Making some of these choices prior to our consultation will allow us to maximize our time.

After designing your suit, the next step would be to book your 30 minute consultation, where a trained CityHall expert will assist in finalizing your choices.

We charge a 25% down payment towards your selected suit/item (which will be credited towards your suit/item in the event that you move forward with your purchase). Our one on one consultation comes at the cost of $150. If a purchase is made the $150 automatically rolls in as the 25% deposit fee. Deposits are nonrefundable should a client decide to cancel an order.

During this consultation you will have the opportunity to physically see and feel the fabrics, ask any pertinent questions, and undergo a body analysis that CityHall prides itself in being the reason we can guarantee that your suit will be precisely fitted.

This method of selection will, as I mentioned, provide the ultimate marriage between the practicality and convenience of an online look book, without removing the piece that we believe makes all the difference; a personalized physical shopping experience with a highly trained professional. We invite you to browse, become acquainted with the intricacies of the many options available to you.

We look forward to your consultation.

* Please note that depending on the device used images may have a slight color variation from it's original form. Keep in mind that a swatch is a small piece of fabric and you are only viewing a fraction of the pattern.

Store Address: 145 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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